Här byggs musikgruppen Radiomöbels hemsida efterhand.

[this is the Radiomöbel official under development,
the version in English will follow with a linguistic mix to begin with

Efterhand läggs det upp material, först p?svenska, sedan en engelsk version.
Men det kommer att ske under en viss tidsperiod - gruppen varade ju ocks?i över 22 år och Rom byggdes ju inte p?en dag...

1/1-10 will this site be hosted by Loopia instead of Telia. This gives a good opportunity to update the site this winter...

A web site, after more than 30 years passing the coming into being of the group, is built because that the Radiomöbels material are to be (re-) published at 3 different CD:s

#1   2:nd LP "Gudang Garam"  [april 2005]
#2   1:st LP "Tramseböx"  [august 2006]
#3   Material from "collection" LP:s, live recordings and demo recordings [winter 2006/2007]

Get records trough this link!!

Website of the record company

For contact write to Andrus.
Ge gärna ocks?tips p?hur denna hemsida ska se ut samt disponeras!

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